The Library provides books, audio cassettes, CDs, VCDs, walkman, CD & VCD players, television and other facilities like Photo-copying, Scanning, Computer & Internet.

The Open-air Stage and the Indoor Auditorium highlight the performance of the students during Arangetram and other occasions, while serving as a base for a college of Fine Arts. All the programmes related to the curriculum and general activities are conducted here.

An Audio Recording Studio with Digital Recording facility and a Video Studio with Canopus DV Storm XA’ Plus Digital Video Editing facility, compliment curriculur activities and help to achieve a blend of Art and Technology in the promotion of Fine Arts. Students perform for video-lessons for the Off-campus Degree Programme. They also gain experience in operating Audio / Video equipments for Dance & Music Programmes. They are exposed to Audio / Video recording and editing process in Dance & Music.

Exploiting the innovative nature of our traditional arts of dance and music, Kalai Kaviri develops her expertise in Research with creative skill and produces Audio and Video presentations of Dance and Music.
The college has an Archive with records of 30 years of Kalai Kaviri’s activities, Bharathanatyam Jewellery, Musical Instruments, etc.

Musical Instrument Bank, Book Bank, Costume & Jewellery Bank and Question Bank are maintained for the benefit of the students.

Digital Audio Recording Studio & Digital Video editing suit

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