December 14, 2018

Eternal Values

Besides, the following few impressions of great personalities speak for themselves on the distinction and the achievement of Kalai Kaviri:

“Kalai Kaviri is not an institution. It is a temple of Arts and Culture. A blend of Culture and Technology!”.

– Dr. A. Gnanam, Vice-Chancellor, Bharathidasan University (14.06.1985)
“Bharathidasan University is indeed fortunate in having this cultural institution affiliated to it. It goes without saying that Kalai Kaviri has been doing a remarkably good job in popularizing Tamil culture far and wide. Cultural institutions like Kalai Kaviri act as custodians of the culture of a people”.
– Dr.S.Muthukkumaran, Vice- Chancellor, Bharathidasan University (02.09.1992)
“The feel of the most deprived, which have so far been denied the opportunity to perform the sacred art pf Bharathidasan on this traditional soil, are now given the glory of performing it, thanks to the efforts of Kalai Kaviri. The traditional classical art form is brought to the common man. This is a Silent Revolution – a Constructive Revolution.”
– Mr.K.Veeramani,General Secretary, Dravidar Kazhagam. (01.08.1993)
“Kalai Kaviri is an institution of unique facilities with all the three basic requirements of Higher Education, i.e., teaching, research and extension activities in Arts and Culture of Tamil Nadu. It is a gem in the crown of Bharathidasan University. I wish Kalai Kaviri gets the opportunity to become a ‘Research Centre’ in fine Arts”.
Dr.R.Muthukkaruppan, Vice-Chancellor, Bharathidasan University (03.07.1994)
“Kalai Kaviri is much more than an institution for imparting training in Fine Arts. It is based on an integrated and holistic approach in terms of the concepts, principles. Values, communication, talent promotion, group interaction, harmony etc. it is a mission.”
– N.Srinivasan (Manna), Music & Dance Enthusiast, Critic, Promoter, (Associated with ‘THE HINDU’ New Delhi Edition) ‘SRUTI’ Magazine, Madras. August 1994
“Promoting these cultural arts, unstained by the barriers of religion, acste, social or economic status, I am sure, is the secret of your success. Even in this initial stage, you have succeeded in extending your service to the rest of the regions in the country…you have rightly taken up the opportunity to shoulder such a big responsibility of reviving and promoting these arts…

“Certainly Kalai Kaviri is a gift of the lord to the people of Tamil Nadu and of India. As the Chairman of the CBCI Commission for Social Communications, I want to thank you for this great service”.

– Rt.Rev.Dr.Patrick D’Souza, Bishop of Varanasi, Chairman, CBCI Commission for Social; Communications,(22.02.1995)
“Kalai Kaviri has achieved a truly remarkable status because of the way Indian culture and traditions are ingrained into the students and special care is taken for students from the deprived category. It is the duty of our Universities, the Government of the State and the centre to ensure that proper support of higher education as offered at Kalai Kaviri is maintained to enable the strengthening of this aspect of human life.”
– Sri N.C.Matur, Vice – Chairman,University Grants Commission (02.08.1996)
“I was overwhelmed to read the article on ‘Kalai Kaviri college of fine Arts functioning in Tiruchirapalli. We are fortunate indeed that the devotion of the Christian community has emmortality to our Fine Arts”.
– Meenalochani, Hyderabad.
This is a reader’s letter published in the June 1998 issue of the magazine ‘Sangeetha Sarigamapadani’. “This college renders ‘art for people’s sake’ which is a more realistic ethic”.

“In India, there are several famous and prestigious dance troups as well as dance training centers. Yet, I am attracted towards the programmes and services of Kalai Kaviri because they render service to the backward and the marginalized groups. Though they belong to a minority group, they do cater to the backward of the majority – the most backward”…..

– Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi Honourable achief minister of Tamilnadu. (13.03.2000)
“I am privileged to foster this institution and strengthen its growth. Thought it functions as part of Bharathidasan University now, this college would grow into deemed University for Cultural Arts. Research, blending arts and technology must be carried our here, as I find this college worthy of it.”
– Dr.Muthiah Mariappan, Vice-Chancellor, Bharathidasan University (25.03.2001)
“Kalai Kaviri is the Second only institution in India of its Kind. This college has given tiruchy, a national profile in Dance and Music. This itself is quite an important feat.
– Ashish Mohan Khokar, times of India Critic- Bangalore/Delhi Editor, “ATTENDANCE” (Dance Annual), Bangalore. (01.10.2002)

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