April 20, 2019

Dance Troupe

Indian Dance and Music are living symbols of the spiritual awakening of the human soul and its longing for enlightenment. Rev. Msgr. S.M. George removed the illusion of ‘Art for Art sake’ and established that they primarily have a social re-creative nature. The performances of the Dance Troupe that he constituted in 1978, are an on-going and unique revelation and mission underlining the communicative scope of Indian dance and music for the spiritual and social betterment of humanity. The virtuous messages of Love, Peace and Solidarity, given through the various classical and folk dances with a blend of electronic media, have penetrated the hearts of people from all walks of life, people of all age groups, belonging to different linguistic and ethnic groups all over the country and in the different foreign countries, and influenced their attitudes for better.

The students of Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts, qualifying in Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, are the main artistes of this Troupe.

The Dance Troupe has crossed the territorial borders and given performances in the different states of India – Andhaman, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka and Kerala.

The Occasions on which the Dance programme is given are innumerable. In India, performances are given in remote villages, towns and cities on various and important occasions like village festivals, Temple Kumbabishekams; memorable occasions of Educational Institutions and Public Welfare Associations; National Conferences of Doctors, Engineers, Auditors, Bar Associations; 50th year celebration of India’s Independence; Bhagavata Mela Festival in Melattur; Jubilee Celebrations of Institutions; Church functions of all denominations; Annual and special celebrations of major concerns; Conferences of various organizations at regional, national, Asian and international levels.

The themes of the dances and skits have an aim to eradicate the social evils, to ennoble the people and to transform them to enjoy a new society. The virtuous themes are, the Glory of Love/Sacrifice/Peace/Justice, Human values, Religious harmony, Values of Tolerance and Forgiveness, the Noble values of religions, True friendship, Glory of sharing, Love for the neighbour, Our hearts are the abodes of God, Undaunted faith in God, Invoking God’s blessings to be instruments of Truth and Peace, Evils of Caste system/Dowry system/Bribery/Drugs/Adulteration, Victory of Good over Evil, National Integration, Patriotism, Solidarity, True Liberation and a New Society, God’s Love for His wards … etc.

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