AQAR 2007-2008

Tiruchirappalli – 620 001, Tamilnadu
The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC – 2007-2008
Name of the Institution : Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts, Tiruchirappalli
Year of Report : 2007 – 2008
Visit of the NAAC Peer Team: 28 – 29 March 2007.
Part – AThe Peer Team deputed by the NAAC visited the college in March 2007 for the assessment and accreditation process. The assessment placed Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts at ‘A’ level. As per the NAAC proposal, the institution has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure.
On 27 August 2007, the IQAC initiated its activities with a meeting at the College premises and the following decisions were taken:1. The IQAC has been called upon to which explore the possibility of conducting inter-disciplinary programmes in the college.

2. The Bharathidasan University has introduced the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the academic year, 2005-2006 and every curriculum is due for review after 3 years of its introduction. Hence, the college can also introduce the CBCS; and in order to have a wide spectrum of choice for the students, certificate courses in Folk and Kuchupudi, Spoken English and short – term courses in Music, computer and Internet could be brought in to the curriculum.

3. In order to enhance faculty development programmes it was stressed to meet the present trend of academic excellence. Faculty are encouraged to indulge in paper presentation and publication, organize and participate in seminars and conferences.
4. The college shall renew efforts to get the Permanent Affiliation from the parent University in order to be eligible for the UGC Recognition under section 2(f) and 12(b). A few faculty members have not attained the required academic qualifications as per the UGC norms, because Fine Arts is a special performing field, which carried recognition only through Gurukula system till recently.
The Computer Centre for the students, Library of the college and both the Audio – video studios have been upgraded.

Part – B


1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution:
I. Dance Troupe
II. Music Troupe
III. International Seminar on “The Musical System of Ancient Tamils and other Ancient Musical Systems of the World”: 24 – 25 January 2008.
IV. Competitions conducted – “Classic Fe(a)st 2007”: 20 – 21September 2007.

2. New academic Programmes initiated (UG and PG):
I. M.Phil in music
II. Diploma in Yoga

3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction:
University has designed the curriculum for the next academic year
• Compulsory Tamil for all the students
• Uniformity in the pattern of syllabus for the same course offered by different colleges.

4. Inter-disciplinary programmes started:
I. Tourism
II. Yoga
III. Psychology
IV. Spoken English Classes

5. Examination reforms implemented:

6. Candidates Qualified: NET / SLET / GATE etc.

7. Initiative towards Faculty Development Programme:
I. 1 year Diploma course in Yoga
II. Music Concerts and Dance programmes by the faculty
III. Participating in seminars conducted by other colleges and institutes
IV. Staff are encouraged to do M.Phil. and Ph.d. Programmes.

8. Total number of seminars / workshops conducted:
» Concert by Dr. Ritha Rajan on 20.08.2007 (Retd. H.O.D of Music in Queen Mary’s College)
» Seminar on“Prahadha Bhakthi Vijayam” by Mrs. Ambujam Vedatham & Co on 24.09.2007 (Performing Artiste in Vocal Music)
» International Seminar on Music conducted in collaboration with the centre of excellence for classical Tamil, Mysore on 24th & 25th January 2008

» Seminar on Natuvangam by Mr. Selvam, Lecturer in Dance, Government Music College, Chennai on 17.08.2007
Personality Development
» Seminar on Personality Development by Prof. G. Balakrishnan on 21.08.2007
» Workshop on Yoga on 17.08.07

9. Research Projects
I. Newly Implemented: Study Materials for students to bring out as a text book
II. Completed:
i. Thembavani Songs: an Audio CD released by Kalaikaviri College of Fine Arts.
ii. “Bulletin on Music” was released by the department of Music
on 15 February 2008.

10. Patents generated, if any:

11. New collaborative research programmes:
“International Seminar on Music” conducted in collaboration with centre of excellence for classical Tamil, Mysore

12. Research grants received from various agencies:
i. Fund from Centre of Excellence for Classical Tamil, Mysore for conducting an International Seminar on Music: 24 -25 January 2008.
ii. Mr. Sarangan, Music scholar received a Scholarship of Rs.24,000 from the department of Collegiate Education.

13. Details of Ph.D Research Scholars:
I. Ms. V. Lakshmi , M.K. University, Madurai
II. Ms. V. Venkatalakshmi , M.K. University, Madurai
III. Ms. D. Agnes Sharmeely , Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
IV. Ms. G. Muthulakshmy, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
V. Mr. Sarangan, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
VI. Ms. Priyadarshini, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
VII. Ms. S.Lalitha, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
VIII. Ms. Stella, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
IX. Mr. Madhan Kumar, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
X. Ms. Devika, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
XI. Mr. Matthew Sabastian, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy
XII. Ms. Virgin, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy

14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:
I Dr.Sr.Margaret Bastin M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.d., Principal
(1) An Article in Deepavali Malar – Om Sakthi
(2) Vedanayagam Pillai and his contributions to Music- 29 March 2008.
(3) An article on ‘Sangapaadalhalil Isai’ Published by Tamil University, Thanjavur during a National Seminar on 18,19, December 2007.

II Ms.S.Umamaheswari M.F.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.d., Lecturer in Music
01. An article on “Ilakkiangalil Isaithamil” published in a magazine “Palthurai paarvaiyil Tamil” in February 2008.
02. An article on “Abangam”, published in a journal “Apoorva Ragam” in December 2007.
03. An article on “Isai and Jothidam” published in “Apoorva Ragam” in August 2007.
04. An article on “Thennaga Bajanai Murai” published in a journal ‘ Apoorva Ragam’ in July 2007.

15. Honors / Awards to the faculty:
i. Dr. Sr. Margaret Bastine – Achievement Award on Women’s Day in 2007.

16. Internal resources generated:
i. Dance Troupe
ii. Music Troupe
iii. Part-time course
iv. Summer Course

17. Details of department getting SAP, COSIST (ASSIST) / DST, FIST, etc. assistance / recognition
Government has recognized the college as a Minority Institution during the academic year 2007 – 2008. The status enables to receive special financial support.

18. Community Services:
i. NSS
ii. NCC – Two of our students attended the Republic Day parade held in Delhi on 26 January 2007.
iii. Red Ribbon
iv. Youth Red Cross

19. Teachers and officers newly recruited:
I. Mr. William – Office Assistant
II. Mrs. S. Rajathi – Office Typist
III. Mrs. Harit Arul Selvi – Office Staff
20. Teaching – Non-Teaching staff ratio:

21. Improvements in the library services:
Services already available are continued.

22.New books / journals subscribed and their cost:
Books worth Rs.4600 were added.

23. Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the action taken on students feedback:
a. Students’ feedback is a regular annual feature of the College
b. Individual Teachers’ meet with the Director / Principal for advice on performance.

24. Unit cost of education: Rs.13,395/-

25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates:
Action is being taken to speed up computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates.

26. Increase in the infrastructural Facilities:
Underway with broad plan.

27. Technology Up gradation:
Being planned.

28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:
a. A seminar on ‘on-line college magazine’ was conducted on 5/2/2008

29. Financial aid to the students:

a. Scholarship for students – Rs.3,90,781/-
b. Earn-while-Learn scheme

30. Support from the Alumni association and its activities:
a. Inter –departmental competition was conducted by the Alumni
b. Lecture demonstrations were conducted by the Alumni.

31. Support from the Parent – Teachers Association and its activities:
Regular meeting with the parents and a get-together during Premiere and Convocation every year.

32. Health Services:
a. First Aid Awareness given by NSS
b. Aids Awareness given by Red Ribbon
c. Regular medical check-up for the hostel students
d. Nutritious diet for the hostel students
e. Counselling for personal hygiene

33. Performance in Sport activities:
Not Applicable

34. Incentives to outstanding Sportspersons:
Not Applicable

35. Student achievements and awards:
a. Robin Patricks, a student of second IBFA Music played keyboard blind-folded for 12 hours for Guinness Records
b. ‘Oru Nadhiyin Geetham’ an audio CD was released by the final year students of BFA Music (Religious Cassette)
c. Kaviri Malar – College Annual Magazine.
d. Bulletin on Music.

36. Activities of the guidance and counseling cell:
Students were encouraged to go for counseling from the counselors. They were given right counseling and guidance that helped them to make right choices. Career guidance was also conducted to facilitate students to choose suitable career.
37. Placement services provided to students:
Music – 3
Dance – 6

38. Development programmes for non-teaching staff:

39. Best practices of the institution:
a. Staff are involved in the admission process, administrative and extra – curricular activities for the welfare of the college students.
b. Practice for both music and dance students after working hours
c. Dress Code insisted upon
d. Ban on Cell-phones inside the campus

40. Linkages developed with National / International, academic / research bodies:
Centre of Excellence for Classical Tamil, Mysore, for conducting the International Seminar on “The Musical System of ancient Tamils and other ancient Musical Systems of the world” : 24 – 25 January 2008.

41. Any other relevant information:
a. NSS activities:
i. A camp was held at Aavur for 10 days
ii. On 24th July 2007 a Medical (ENT) camp was organized in the college.
b. Subject oriented movies are shown to improve their theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge.

Part – C

Detail plans of the institution for the next year :
To enhance and integrate various activities of the institution and institutionalize many good practices, the IQAC meeting under the chairmanship of the Head of the institution with heads of academic and administrative units and few teachers and a few distinguished educationists, was held on 23 April 2008 at the college premises and the following decisions were taken:
01. The management is now taking efforts to start M.Phil in dance. But there are certain drawbacks because the staff in the department of dance are yet to fulfill the requirements of the university.

02. The college has been providing BFA, IBFA and MFA Degree courses in Bharathanatyam so far. During the oncoming academic year 2008-2009, the college has planned to start Kuchupudi and Mohiniyattam degree courses.
03. The Principal informed that the institution has not yet been recognized for UGC under Rule 2(f) and 12 (b) because of the inability of the faculty in fulfilling the requirements of qualification. It was suggested that it would be better to apply for UGC without delay. The college shall forward the application to the University for Registrar’s approval and then to UGC. Moreover, it is necessary to insist the University to introduce SLET for dance, in order to sustain and promote the quality of the teaching-learning and research in higher education.

04. The Management has been exploring the possibility of teaching music through internet. It was widely accepted by the members of the IQAC, that if at all music is taught through internet-virtual medium, it may reduce the percentage of admission. However, the course can be offered for foreign students.

05. One member of the IQAC, suggested that, gaining autonomy is more important than becoming a Deemed University. So steps need to be taken regarding autonomy.

06. Inter-disciplinary programmes and competitions need to be conducted every year to foster the competitive spirit among the students on a regular basis. Moreover, a special programme called, ‘Special Tamil’ has been introduced for students who do not have Tamil as their mother tongue.

07. The IQAC has decided to have separate libraries for the department of dance and music.

08. College on-line magazines were recommended to be introduced.

09. Various quality parameters of higher education were worked out regarding the functioning of the Research Centre.

10. To promote the use of technology in the academic activities, it will be insisted upon to have a LCD projector for teaching-Learning. Secondly, the institution has planned to start a certificate course in computer to foster global competencies among students.

11. As a major responsibility, student appraisal reports need to be recorded and analysed and the students’ grievances should be redressed sooner.

Assessment of the activities of the IQAC is mandatory once in two years. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff need to be conscious of Re-accreditation and every committee’s action should be recorded.
Dr.Sr.Margaret Bastin
Co-ordinator of the IQAC

Chairperson of the IQAC

The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC

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