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Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts was started on 10th August, 1996, with the recognition of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu, for teaching Dance and Music of South Indian Classical. Though as a college it has only 11 Years of existence, but as an Institution, it has 29 Years of experience in promoting traditional art forms. Affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Kali Kaviri is said to be the first and the only College offering Bachelors and Masters Degree courses in Bharathanatyam and in South Indian Classical Music. The College is offering Ph.D. Programmes in Dance and Music. The college offers Master’s Degree (Two Years Master of Fine Arts), Bachelor’s Degree Courses (Three Year Bachelor of Fine Arts), Integrated Degree Courses (Five Year Bachelor of Fine Arts) for the 10th Standard passed students in Bharatha Natyam (Dance) and in South Indian Classical Music, Vocal and Instrumental like Violin, Veena and Mridangam.

The College also offers Off-Campus degree programme in Bharthanatyam (Distance mode of education for the performing Art). Through the Off-Campus candidates take B.F.A., M.F.A. and Diploma Courses. Kalai Kaviri has no discrimination of creed and community. It considers favourbly teaching faculty and students from any religion irrespective of their economic status. It also extends financial support to the physically handicapped and also provides free boarding and lodging for talented and deserving students. There are a number of physically challenged students in the college who are supported by various means of the college. The College offers four-year and two-year Certificate and Diploma Courses in Classical Music. It also offers special One-year full time Certificate courses and One-month summer courses in Dance & Music, an average of 800 students every year are benefited.

A Self Study Report was submitted by the college to the NAAC, Bangalore. In response to this request, the NAAC constituted a Peer Team, consisting of Professor Manmohan Dutt, former Professor, J.N.T.U. College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad as Chairperson & Co-ordinator, Dr. Hanumanna Nayak Dorai, Professor and Head, Dept. of Music and Dance, Kannada University, Hampi, Vidyanaranya, Karnataka and Shri Ajit Kumar Dubey, Principal, College of Fine Arts, Bangalore, Karnatka as members.

The Peer Team carefully read and analysed the Self Study Report submitted by the Institution. The team visited the College for two days from 28-29, March, 2007. During Institutional visit, the Team extensively interacted with the Principal, Members of the Managing Committee, alumni, parents, teachers, students and employees. During this visit, the Team went through all the relevant documents, visited the Departments, infrastructure and the support facilities. It also interacted with the various constituents of the Institution. The academic, co-curricular, extra curricular and extension facilities of the Institution were visited. The Peer Team also interacted at length with governing body, Head of the Institution, faculty, Non-Teaching Staff, students, parents and alumni of the institution. Based on the above exercise, and keeping in mind the criteria identified by the NAAC, the Peer Team appreciates the quality of teaching, research and other allied activities in terms of the seven criteria identified by the NAAC. The assessment of the institution under these criteria, the commendable features of the institution as well as the areas for improvement related to the criteria are presented in the sections below:



The Goals and Objectives of the Institution is very clear. The College strictly follows the regulations of the University regarding syllabus and other matters pertaining to the curriculum. The Board of Studies of the University decides the syllabus; in case the staff members find the syllabus nor relevant to the courses, recommendations are made to the Board Studies of the University for remedy. The teaching faculty time to time takes the feedback from the students regarding the difficulties faced by them in issues like quality of the question papers, ambiguous and irrelevant topics in the syllabus and issues concerning the practicals. The College recommends the university to update the syllabus time to time in consultation with the experts of the field. It also gets the feedbacks from various stakeholders, such as parents, outgoing students and alumni, leading experts in the field, university experts, teachers and academic persons or potential performing agencies for introducing new courses or programmes.


The College admits around 250 students every year for different courses. In the present academic year, there are 218 students in Dance subject (16 boys and 103 girls), 99 students in music (32 boys and 67 girls). The students mainly come from socially and economically backward communities hailing from rural base, among them some are physically handicapped and some are visually impaired.

In the academic year of 2002-2003 students strength was 245, out of which 75.92% are from socially backward communities. In the academic year 2003-2004, the students admitted 242, out of which 75.21% belongs to socially backward communities. In the academic year 2004-2005 students strength was 251, out of which 75.3% are from socially backward communities. In the academic year 2005-2006, the students’ strength was 238 out of which 76.8% belongs to socially backward communities.

Even though preferences are given to these sections, strength in each class has not reached the level stipulated by the university. This is the case with most of the Fine Arts Institutions in India is facing.

The College is availing the Govt. scholarships and loans for the SC/ST, BC and MBC students. Concessions for the deserving students are given from the interest accrued from the Corpus Fund established by the management. Every students gets individual attention from Teachers. Thus the Teacher-student relationship is enriched. Teachers receive good support and encouragement and are given all the modern teaching aids. This has resulted in Nil dropouts.


Even though it’s a Fine Arts Institution there are three Faculty with M.Phil. and one Ph.D. holders, nine Staff members are doing research oriented dissertations. The College executed a major research project on the life of Christ with a folk song style in Audio Series. Folk songs of the different states are recorded in Tracks, so that these tracks can be used in different languages.

The Principal of the College is a member of the Board of Studies for Music and Dance of the Bharathidasan University, Member, Board of Examiners of Mother Theresa Women’s University, Madras and Tamil University, Tanjore. The College provides Off-Campus Degree programme in Bharathanatyam in collaboration with the Business Development Cell of Bharathidasan University.

The College also propagates the Indian Heritage through the performances of the Dance Troupes to reach the people of different religions, communities, languages and Territories. The modern infrastructure and the facilities are used for outside agencies and the public which helps to generate revenue for the Institution.


The College is situated in the heart of the city with a campus the measures 1.82 acres apart from 7.5 Acres of land at Cholan Nagar (about 3 K.M. away). The total plinth area of these Buildings measure 2731.73 Sq. mtrs. There are 32 Class Rooms for Dance and Music. Well furnished rooms are provided for the library, Open Air-stage Studio, Auditorium, and separate Hostels for Girls & Boys. The infrastructure and other support facilities are found to be adequate.

The College is having sufficient number of musical instruments for the students. The College owns a Bus, a Jeep and a Car for transport requirements. Water and Power Supply are well established. There are sufficient number of Books and journals on Dance and Music, apart from the computers with Internet facility. Audio Cassettes and CD’s CD Players and available for students for academic use and practice. The College troupes are working in spreading the peace messages since 1978. These Troupes performed in 13 International Tours apart from different states of India. Workshops on Dance and Music are conducted by the staff, students and the Alumnae.

The college released 2 Audio CD’s, one Video CD from their Digital Recording Studio. The College is also having a Digital Video recording and Editing facility. These Studies are used some times by AIR, STAR TV, SUN TV and RAJ TV Networks, and also by cultural and religious organizations in the State. The Study material for BFA, MFA, Diploma and Off-campus Degree Programmes and generated by these Studios. Apart from these Audio-Visual Aids the College is having computers with Internet facilities, for research and other allied academic activities.

The college maintains a hygienic and green environment with a water fall and separate prayer hall and with entire building structures with beautiful South Indian Architecture. Students adopt villages and do community work. Meritorious students even by way of teaching the part-timers in the afternoon.


The College admits students as per the University rules. The admissions are made based on their educational background and proper recognition from different States of India and other countries. There are 218 students at present learning Dance and Music in BFA and MFA Degree programmes from various parts of the country and Sri Lanka. The SC/ST students are girls. The college also provides opportunities for the women folk coming from the rural areas and backward classes. The graduated girl students from the college are placed in schools and colleges to teach the classical arts, some are running their own schools in Tamilnadu and in other states apart from teaching abroad.

The college conducts regular class tests to evaluate the progress of the students. The teachers give them the individual attention. It is mandatory to practice music and dance early morning as per the regulations. Classes in English and Personality Development apart from Computer Classes and Methodology classes are conducted for all the students. Efficient students are given opportunity to conduct Part-time evening courses under the Earning-by-learning scheme. The College also conducts workshops and lecture demonstrations by inviting experts from the field. The talented students are encouraged to be in the dance troupes to perform allover the country and abroad.


The college belongs to the KALAI KAVIRI Arts and Communication Centre, registered under Tamilnadu Registration Act. It is also registered under Ministry of Home Affairs, its Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, the society functions with a Governing Body of 11 members and a General Body of 20 members. The institution is headed by the Director-cum-Secretary and the Principal. There are 23 Teaching staff (7 Govt. aided and 16 under the management) and 23 non-teaching staff (6 Govt. aided and 17 under the management) working in the college.

The college is having qualified PG Degree holders and M.Phil. degree holders, some of them have registered for Ph.D. The faculty members present research papers, both in national and international seminars. Some of the senior staff members studied under Gurukula system and have qualified with diplomas, as they are not in a position to fulfill the university requirements. However they are permitted to continue in their services till their retirements.


The College takes care of enhancing the standard of administration, the curriculum, teaching and extension activities, extra curricular activities and self improvement of the students through different programmes.

Spoken English classes are conducted for the students. NSS involves students in promoting the public welfare, etc. NCC cadets are involved in National building and in maintaining discipline. The students are also involved in YRC, RRC and Rotary Units. The students are encouraged to take part in various competitions. They are also encouraged to choreograph various institutional functions. They also organize, conduct and record programmes, Meetings, etc. The College also encourages students to write articles for magazine. Every year the College gives away awards and prizes for the best students in behaviour, for leadership qualities and for the students who gets the 100% attendance, apart from teaching ethics and moral values periodically.

The Peer Team after going through the self study report and its physical visit to all the Departments of the College, its infrastructural facilities and support systems and having interaction with teaching faculty, administrative staff, alumni, parents, students, college council and principal, is impressed with the quality and standard of the on going activities of the performing Arts of the Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts. The College has been successful to a very large extent in exploring the effective and artistic knowledge and Natural Talents from Rural area, especially encouraging the talent of socially, and economically backward communities of Tamil Nadu and other parts of the Country. The College succeeded in it mission by imparting Fine Arts Education in Tamil Nadu and beyond the borders of India. The traditions, values and the art has been radiated across the world. The students, parents and alumni have high regard for the college administration, the Academic staff in general and the Principal in particular for such leadership.
The Kalai Kaviri is unique in blending tradition, values and art with technology. Its Performance has got international recognition and acclaim.
The Peer Team would like to commend the Institution for the below given aspects.
Encouragement and financial support extended by the Managing Committee, well wishes, the Government and N.R.I. support for awarding Free Education and scholarships for the needy and meritorious students.
The dedication and commitment of the Teaching staff in producing the successful performance by the students in Dance and Music.
Effective leadership and good Teacher/Taught relationship resulting in efficient team work like in Gurukula Education system.
4. There is a very good appreciation and respect for the Institution and its leadership among the parents, public and alumni.
National and International awards and Acclaims have been got for teachers and students in the field of performing Arts.
Adequate academic and administrative infrastructure is available in the culturally elevated areas of urban Tamil Nadu.

The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC

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