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The Alumni Association of Kalai Kaviri college of Fine Arts was inaugurated on 18.3.2006. Mrs.Uma Maheswari, dance artiste, teacher and the first dance student of the college was unanimously selected as President of the Alumni Association. Mrs. Sahaya Rani, dance teacher, an alumnus is the secretary. Mrs. Agnes Sharmeely, Lecturer in Music and Mrs.S. Saral, Lecturer in Bharathanatyam are the Co– ordinators of the Association.

The First Annual meeting of the Alumni Association was celebrated on 17th March 2007. Seminars, Inter – Departmental Competitions, Music concerts and dance programmes are being conducted by the Association. It is noteworthy to say that some needy students have received financial assistance from the Alumni.

The Alumni Association has a placement cell which receives information regarding placements and the coordinators of the Association guide the Alumni towards the institutions where there are vacancies.
Separate office for the Alumni Association is functioning inside the college campus.

The annual meet of the alumni association met on 8.10.2016 and executive which was elected are as follows

  1. EX-Office president – P. Natarajan
  2. Vice president –Dr. Uma Maheswari
  3. General secretary – Dr.Y. Sunitha
  4. Joint secretary- Dr.Mr.Satheesh Kumar
  5. Treasurer-Mr.Sudharsan

The Kalai Kaviri College Alumni Association day will be held on the second Saturday of October every year.

It is planned to give concerts, Lec-Dem, Seminars, etc. by the Alumni every year.

Alumini Association introduced Awards for the Aluminus based on the best performance and the contribution to the Fine Arts from the year 2014.

  1. 2014- Mr. Susai Raj (Music)
  2. 2015- Mr. Prabeen (Dance)
  3. 2015- Mrs.Kumari (Music)
  4. 2016- Mrs. S.Supriya(Dance)
  5. 2016- Mr. Senthil Ganesan(Music)

The Association has introduced Award and Certificate  based on their best academic performances in their Degree examination.

2016- Dance- Ariya Sree (MA- II)

Dance-Dhatshayini(BFA III)

Dance-Silna(IBFA IV)

Music-Ms.R.Subha(MA II)

Music-Ms.Caroline Sharumathi(BFA-III)

Music-Keerthana(IBFA IV)

The Kalai Kaviri College Alumni Association day will be held on the second Saturday of October every year.


(Only for the Alumni of Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts: Kindly give details)

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