April 22, 2019

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Indian Dance and Music are living symbols of the spiritual awakening of the human soul and its longing for enlightenment.  They touch our inner selves, inspiring us towards spiritual experience. Thus, Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts is dedicated to foster the Indian Fine Art forms of Dance and Music beyond social, economic, communal, religious, cultural and territorial barriers, for elevating the urges of man.

The gesture by both the hands together represents a lamp spreading light dispelling darkness through the enlightening nature of the Indian Fine Art forms of Dance and Music .

In her noble pursuit, mission and involvement with the arts, culture, heritage and creativity – which are enduring symbols of agelessness and timelessness, Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts has the rare privilege to experience and express this ever renewing inner urge of a contemplative and enlightening nature .

Nationally Re-Accredited with “A+” Grade (CGPA 3.67 out of 4) by NAAC
Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts was started on 10th August, 1996, with the recognition of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu, for teaching Dance and Music of South Indian Classical.

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